extract Definition

  • 1to remove or take out something
  • 2a substance that has been obtained from something else by using a special process

Using extract: Examples

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  • Example

    The dentist had to extract her tooth.

  • Example

    He extracted a promise from his son to do better in school.

  • Example

    Vanilla extract is used in baking.

  • Example

    The company extracts oil from the ground.

extract Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with extract

  • to get information from someone or something


    The detective tried to extract information from the suspect.

  • extract revenge

    to get revenge on someone


    He wanted to extract revenge on his ex-girlfriend for breaking up with him.

  • a concentrated meat extract used as a flavoring in cooking


    The recipe calls for a tablespoon of extract of beef.

Origins of extract

from Latin 'extractus', meaning 'drawn out'


Summary: extract in Brief

The term 'extract' [ˈɛkstrækt] refers to removing or taking out something, such as a tooth or information. It can also refer to a substance obtained from something else through a special process, like vanilla extract. Synonyms include 'remove,' 'take out,' and 'withdraw.'

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