insert Definition

  • 1place, fit, or push (something) into something else
  • 2add (something) to something else

Using insert: Examples

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  • Example

    Insert the key into the lock and turn it.

  • Example

    She inserted a new paragraph into the text.

  • Example

    The teacher inserted a joke into the lecture to lighten the mood.

  • Example

    He inserted himself into the conversation.

insert Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with insert

  • to become involved in a situation or conversation without being invited or welcome


    He always tries to insert himself into our group activities.

  • to say or do something that is embarrassing or inappropriate


    I really inserted my foot in my mouth when I asked her if she was pregnant.

  • a phrase used in instructions for assembling something, indicating how two parts should be connected


    To assemble the bookshelf, insert tab A into slot B and secure with screws.

Origins of insert

from Latin 'inserere', meaning 'to plant in'


Summary: insert in Brief

The verb 'insert' [ɪnˈsəːt] means to place or add something into something else. It can refer to physical objects, as in 'Insert the key into the lock,' or abstract concepts, as in 'She inserted a new paragraph into the text.' The phrase 'insert oneself' describes becoming involved in a situation or conversation without being invited, while 'insert foot in mouth' refers to saying or doing something embarrassing or inappropriate.

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