mouth Definition

  • 1the opening in the face of a person or animal through which food is taken in and from which speech and other sounds are emitted
  • 2the point where a river enters the sea

Using mouth: Examples

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    She opened her mouth to speak.

  • Example

    The cat caught the mouse in its mouth.

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    He has a bad taste in his mouth.

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    The river's mouth is located at the delta.

mouth Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for mouth

Idioms Using mouth

  • put one's money where one's mouth is

    to do what one says one will do, especially by providing financial support


    If you really believe in this project, why don't you put your money where your mouth is and invest in it?

  • to talk too much or reveal secrets


    You have to be careful what you tell her because she has a big mouth and can't keep a secret.

  • shoot one's mouth off

    to speak without thinking carefully, often saying things that are rude or inappropriate


    He got himself into trouble by shooting his mouth off about the boss.

Phrases with mouth

  • foot in mouth

    an embarrassing mistake made in public by saying something foolish or inappropriate


    I really put my foot in my mouth when I asked her if she was pregnant.

  • a person who talks too much or too loudly, especially in a way that is annoying or offensive


    He's such a loudmouth that nobody wants to be around him.

  • feeling sad, depressed, or discouraged


    She's been down in the mouth ever since she lost her job.

Origins of mouth

from Old English 'mūða'


Summary: mouth in Brief

The term 'mouth' [maʊθ] refers to the opening in the face used for taking in food and emitting speech and sounds. It also refers to the point where a river enters the sea, as in 'The river's mouth is located at the delta.' Phrases like 'foot in mouth' and idioms like 'put one's money where one's mouth is' are common. 'Mouth' has informal synonyms like 'trap' and 'pie hole.'

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