fluid Definition

  • 1a substance that flows and is not solid, especially a liquid or gas
  • 2able to flow easily

Using fluid: Examples

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    The fluid in the bottle is water.

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    The fluid motion of the dancer was mesmerizing.

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    The fluid dynamics of the engine were impressive.

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    The patient was given fluids to rehydrate.

fluid Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with fluid

  • any of several types of liquid that are part of the body, such as blood or urine


    The doctor ordered tests to check for any abnormalities in the patient's body fluids.

  • a unit of volume equal to approximately 30 milliliters


    The recipe calls for two fluid ounces of lemon juice.

  • fluid mechanics

    the study of how fluids behave under various conditions, such as when they are in motion or under pressure


    The engineer used principles of fluid mechanics to design the airplane's wing shape.


Summary: fluid in Brief

The term 'fluid' [ˈfluːɪd] refers to substances that flow and are not solid, including liquids and gases. It can also describe something that moves gracefully and smoothly, as in 'The fluid motion of the dancer was mesmerizing.' Phrases like 'body fluid' and 'fluid mechanics' extend the concept, while idioms are not commonly used with this word. 'Fluid' is both a noun and an adjective, and its synonyms include 'liquid,' 'flowing,' and 'runny.'

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