stiff Definition

  • 1difficult to bend or move, not easy to bend or move
  • 2not relaxed or friendly, lacking ease in manner or feeling
  • 3strong and powerful, not weak or uncertain

Using stiff: Examples

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  • Example

    The new shoes are still stiff and need to be broken in.

  • Example

    He gave a stiff nod of his head in agreement.

  • Example

    She was very stiff and formal when we first met.

  • Example

    The drink was so stiff that it made me cough.

  • Example

    The team faced stiff competition from their rivals.

stiff Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for stiff

Phrases with stiff

  • the quality of being brave and determined in the face of trouble, especially without showing emotions


    Even though he was hurt, he kept a stiff upper lip and didn't cry.

  • a strong alcoholic drink


    After a long day at work, he likes to unwind with a stiff drink.

  • a severe punishment


    The company was hit with a stiff penalty for violating environmental regulations.


Summary: stiff in Brief

The term 'stiff' [stɪf] describes something that is difficult to bend or move, lacking ease in manner or feeling, or strong and powerful. It can refer to physical objects like shoes or drinks, as well as people's behavior or attitudes. Phrases like 'stiff upper lip' denote bravery in the face of trouble, while 'stiff penalty' refers to a severe punishment.

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