limber Definition

  • 1bending or flexing easily; supple
  • 2a two-wheeled vehicle that is drawn by horses and is used for carrying artillery ammunition

Using limber: Examples

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    The gymnast's body was limber and flexible.

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    She did some limbering exercises before starting her workout.

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    The soldiers loaded the limber with ammunition.

  • Example

    The limber was pulled by a team of horses.

limber Synonyms and Antonyms

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Summary: limber in Brief

The term 'limber' [ˈlɪmbər] can be used as an adjective to describe something that is bending or flexing easily, or as a noun to refer to a two-wheeled vehicle used for carrying artillery ammunition. It is often used to describe the flexibility of a person's body, as in 'The gymnast's body was limber and flexible.' 'Limber' has synonyms such as 'flexible,' 'supple,' and 'pliant,' and antonyms such as 'stiff,' 'inflexible,' and 'rigid.'