upper Definition

  • 1higher in position or place
  • 2relating to or denoting the upper part of a thing
  • 3of a higher rank, status, or quality

Using upper: Examples

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  • Example

    The upper floor of the building has a great view.

  • Example

    She wore an upper garment with a lower skirt.

  • Example

    He comes from an upper-class family.

  • Example

    The upper management made the final decision.

  • Example

    The upper hand in the negotiation was on their side.

upper Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for upper

Phrases with upper

  • the area between the nose and the upper lip


    He had a small cut on his upper lip.

  • a position of advantage in a conflict or competition


    She gained the upper hand in the argument.

  • the highest social class or the wealthiest segment of society


    He belongs to the upper crust of society.


Summary: upper in Brief

The term 'upper' [ˈʌpər] refers to a higher position or rank, or the top part of something. It can describe social status, as in 'He comes from an upper-class family,' or advantage, as in 'She gained the upper hand in the argument.' 'Upper' can also be used in phrases like 'upper lip,' referring to the area between the nose and mouth, and 'upper crust,' meaning the highest social class.

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