cleanse Definition

  • 1to make something completely clean
  • 2to rid the body of toxins or impurities through a special diet or process

Using cleanse: Examples

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    She cleansed the wound with antiseptic.

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    The juice cleanse is supposed to detoxify your body.

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    He cleansed his mind of negative thoughts.

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    The company is trying to cleanse its image after the scandal.

cleanse Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using cleanse

  • cleanse the Augean stables

    to perform a difficult or unpleasant task that has been avoided for a long time


    The new CEO had to cleanse the Augean stables of corruption and mismanagement.

  • to remove harmful substances from your body, especially through a special diet or detox program


    She went on a juice cleanse to cleanse her system of toxins and improve her health.

  • to remove negative energy or emotions from your personal space or aura


    She burned sage to cleanse her aura and create a more positive environment.

Phrases with cleanse

  • to remove the taste of one food or drink from your mouth before tasting another


    After eating the spicy curry, she cleansed her palate with a sip of water.

  • a process of removing waste and toxins from the colon through a special diet or procedure


    She decided to try a colon cleanse to improve her digestion.

  • to purify or free oneself from guilt or sin


    He went on a spiritual retreat to cleanse his soul and find inner peace.

Origins of cleanse

from Old French 'clenche', meaning 'to purify'


Summary: cleanse in Brief

The verb 'cleanse' [klenz] means to make something completely clean or to rid the body of toxins or impurities. It can refer to physical cleaning, such as 'She cleansed the wound with antiseptic,' or to detoxifying the body, such as 'The juice cleanse is supposed to detoxify your body.' 'Cleanse' also extends into phrases like 'cleanse your palate,' and idioms like 'cleanse the Augean stables,' denoting difficult tasks, and 'cleanse your aura,' denoting the removal of negative energy.

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