sanitize Definition

  • 1to make something clean and free from bacteria or other harmful substances
  • 2to make something more acceptable or less offensive by removing unpleasant or unwanted features

Using sanitize: Examples

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  • Example

    The hospital staff must sanitize their hands before entering the patient's room.

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    The restaurant is required to sanitize all surfaces after each use.

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    The company had to sanitize its image after the scandal.

  • Example

    The report was sanitized to remove sensitive information.

sanitize Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with sanitize

  • to clean one's hands thoroughly, especially with an antiseptic solution


    Remember to sanitize your hands before touching the baby.

  • to remove sensitive or confidential information from a document


    The government agency had to sanitize the report before releasing it to the public.

  • to clean and remove any evidence from a crime scene


    The police had to sanitize the crime scene before allowing anyone to enter.

Origins of sanitize

from Latin 'sanitas', meaning 'health'


Summary: sanitize in Brief

The verb 'sanitize' [ˈsænɪtaɪz] means to clean and remove harmful substances or to make something more acceptable by removing unwanted features. It can refer to cleaning hands, surfaces, documents, or even a crime scene. Synonyms include 'disinfect,' 'sterilize,' and 'purify.'