What is the future tense of “denaturalize”!


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The future tense form of 'denaturalize' is formed by using the auxiliary verb will followed by the base form of the verb denaturalize. Example: She will denaturalize the artwork by altering its original colors. (She will denaturalize the artwork by altering its original colors.)

Definition of “denaturalize”

  • to remove or alter the natural characteristics or qualities of something
  • to make something seem unnatural or artificial

Tense sentence structure and examples:


Notes from a Native English Speaker

Here are the general structures of a present and past participle. Remember, some verbs have an irregular form and may not follow this structure: Present Participle: [Verb] -ing Past Participle: [Verb] -ed

Future Simpledenaturalize
Future Continuousdenaturalizing
Future Perfectdenaturalized
Future Simple
The simple future tense is used to describe actions that will happen in the future.
Subject + will/shall + Verb + (Object)


He will denaturalize the habitat by introducing invasive species.


They will denaturalize the photo by digitally manipulating it.

Future Continuous
The future continuous tense is used to describe actions that will be in progress at a specific time in the future.
Subject + will be + Present Participle + (Object)


At this time tomorrow, she will be denaturalizing the artwork.


They will be denaturalizing the product during the manufacturing process.

Future Perfect
The future perfect tense is used to indicate actions that will be completed at a specified point in the future.
Subject + will/shall have + Past Participle + (Object)


By the end of the year, he will have denaturalized the entire collection.


They will have denaturalized the environment if they continue their destructive practices.

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