abortive Definition

  • 1failing to produce the intended result
  • 2cut short; failing to develop properly

Using abortive: Examples

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  • Example

    The company's abortive attempt at expansion led to significant losses.

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    The abortive negotiations resulted in a breakdown of diplomatic relations.

  • Example

    The plant's abortive growth was due to poor soil conditions.

abortive Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with abortive

  • an unsuccessful attempt to achieve something


    Their abortive effort to secure funding for the project left them with no other options.

  • a failed attempt to overthrow a government or leader


    The abortive coup attempt resulted in the arrest and imprisonment of several high-ranking military officials.

  • a drug or treatment that fails to achieve the desired effect


    The patient's condition worsened despite the use of abortive medication.

Origins of abortive

from Latin 'abortivus', from 'abortus' meaning 'miscarriage'


Summary: abortive in Brief

'Abortive' [əˈbɔːtɪv] refers to something that fails to produce the intended result or is cut short, failing to develop properly. It can describe anything from a failed business venture to a plant that doesn't grow properly. Phrases like 'abortive effort' and 'abortive coup' denote unsuccessful attempts to achieve something, while 'abortive medication' refers to drugs or treatments that fail to achieve the desired effect.