abstaining Definition

refraining from doing or enjoying something.

Using abstaining: Examples

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    He is abstaining from alcohol for health reasons.

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    She is abstaining from sweets to lose weight.

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    The politician is abstaining from voting on the issue due to a conflict of interest.

abstaining Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with abstaining

  • refraining from sexual activity, often for religious or moral reasons


    As part of their religious beliefs, they are abstaining from sex until marriage.

  • refraining from eating meat, often for ethical or health reasons


    She has been abstaining from meat for several years now.

  • refraining from using drugs, often for addiction recovery or health reasons


    He is in a program to help him abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Origins of abstaining

from Latin 'abstinentia', meaning 'withholding'


Summary: abstaining in Brief

'Abstaining' [əbˈsteɪnɪŋ] means refraining from doing or enjoying something. It can refer to avoiding certain foods or activities for health, ethical, or religious reasons, as in 'She is abstaining from sweets to lose weight.' 'Abstaining' is often used in formal contexts, but informal phrases like 'laying off' or 'cutting out' can convey a similar meaning.