partaking Definition

to participate in or share something.

Using partaking: Examples

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    I won't be partaking in the festivities this year.

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    She enjoys partaking in outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

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    The company encourages its employees to partake in volunteer work.

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    He was caught partaking in illegal activities.

partaking Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for partaking

Phrases with partaking

  • to eat or drink something, especially as a guest or in a social setting


    Please partake of the refreshments before you leave.

  • to participate in an activity or event


    I'm planning to partake in the charity run next month.

  • to accept someone's offer of food, drink, or lodging


    We were grateful to partake of their hospitality during our stay in the city.


Summary: partaking in Brief

'Partaking' [pɑːˈteɪkɪŋ] means to participate in or share something. It can refer to anything from social events to illegal activities, as in 'He was caught partaking in illegal activities.' The phrase 'partake of something' refers to eating or drinking, while 'partake in something' refers to participating in an activity or event.

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