acts Definition

  • 1a part of a play or film, especially one that is given to a particular actor
  • 2a single thing that someone does; an action

Using acts: Examples

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  • Example

    She had the lead role in the first act of the play.

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    The movie was divided into three acts.

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    His heroic acts saved many lives.

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    He was known for his kind acts towards others.

  • Example

    The company's recent cost-cutting acts have angered employees.

acts Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with acts

  • to see someone doing something wrong or illegal


    I caught him in the act of stealing my wallet.

  • to become involved in something that someone else has started


    After seeing the success of the first restaurant, many other businesses wanted to get in on the act.

  • an event caused by natural forces that humans cannot control


    The insurance policy covers damages caused by acts of God, such as earthquakes and floods.

Origins of acts

from Latin 'actus', meaning 'a doing'


Summary: acts in Brief

The term 'acts' [æks] refers to parts of a play or film given to a particular actor, or a single action performed by someone. It can also denote a series of actions, as in 'His heroic acts saved many lives.' Phrases like 'catch someone in the act' and 'get in on the act' use 'act' to denote a specific instance of behavior or involvement, respectively.