adaptable Definition

able to adjust to new conditions or situations.

Using adaptable: Examples

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    She is an adaptable person who can work in any environment.

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    The company needs employees who are adaptable and can handle change.

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    The adaptable design of the building allows for future expansion.

adaptable Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with adaptable

  • be able to adjust to new circumstances or situations


    In today's fast-paced world, it's important to be adaptable to change.

  • an adaptable mindset

    a flexible and open-minded approach to new ideas and situations


    Having an adaptable mindset is essential for success in today's constantly changing world.

  • a plan that can be adjusted or modified as needed to achieve a goal


    An adaptable strategy is necessary when dealing with unpredictable situations.

Origins of adaptable

from Latin 'adaptare', meaning 'to fit'


Summary: adaptable in Brief

'Adaptable' [ษ™หˆdรฆptษ™bl] means able to adjust to new conditions or situations. It is often used to describe people who can work in any environment or handle change, as well as designs or strategies that can be modified as needed. Synonyms include 'versatile' and 'flexible,' while antonyms include 'inflexible' and 'rigid.'

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