admonition Definition

  • 1a warning or reprimand about behavior
  • 2an act of advising or counseling against something

Using admonition: Examples

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  • Example

    The teacher gave the students an admonition about cheating on the test.

  • Example

    He received an admonition from his boss for being late to work.

  • Example

    The sign on the fence was an admonition to keep out of the construction site.

admonition Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for admonition

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Phrases with admonition

  • to heed or take notice of a warning or advice


    I hope you take my admonition seriously and don't make the same mistake again.

  • in a mild or kind way of warning or advising


    She spoke with gentle admonition, hoping to guide her friend towards a better decision.

  • a warning or advice against doing something


    The sign was an admonition against trespassing on private property.

Origins of admonition

from Latin 'admonitio', meaning 'warning'


Summary: admonition in Brief

An 'admonition' [ad-muh-nish-uhn] is a warning or reprimand about behavior, or an act of advising or counseling against something. It can be given in various contexts, such as in school, work, or public places. Phrases like 'take admonition' and 'with gentle admonition' suggest ways of heeding or giving warnings or advice. 'Admonition against' denotes a warning or advice against doing something.