adoptive Definition

  • 1related to or involving adoption
  • 2having been adopted

Using adoptive: Examples

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    The couple decided to start the adoptive process.

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    She has an adoptive brother who was born in China.

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    The adoptive parents were overjoyed to welcome their new child into their family.

adoptive Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for adoptive

Phrases with adoptive

  • a person who has legally adopted a child and become the child's parent


    The adoptive parents were thrilled to finally bring their child home.

  • a family that has legally adopted a child and made them a part of their family


    The adoptive family celebrated their child's birthday with a big party.

  • adoptive mother/father

    a woman or man who has legally adopted a child and become their mother or father


    My adoptive mother has always been there for me, even when things were tough.

Origins of adoptive

from Latin 'adoptare', meaning 'to choose for oneself'


Summary: adoptive in Brief

The term 'adoptive' [əˈdɒptɪv] refers to anything related to or involving adoption. It can describe a person who has been legally adopted or the process of adopting a child. 'Adoptive' is often used in phrases like 'adoptive parent' and 'adoptive family,' which denote the legal and emotional bonds between the adoptive parents and their child.