advancing Definition

  • 1moving forward in a purposeful way
  • 2developing or improving something
  • 3gaining ground or making progress

Using advancing: Examples

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    The advancing army was met with fierce resistance.

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    Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate.

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    She is advancing her career by taking on new challenges.

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    The company is advancing its research into renewable energy sources.

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    The team is advancing to the next round of the tournament.

advancing Synonyms and Antonyms

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Summary: advancing in Brief

'Advancing' [ədˈvænsɪŋ] describes moving forward in a purposeful way, developing or improving something, or gaining ground or making progress. It is often used to describe armies, technology, careers, research, and sports teams. Synonyms include 'progressing,' 'developing,' and 'improving,' while antonyms include 'retreating,' 'regressing,' and 'declining.'