growing Definition

  • 1(of a plant) undergoing natural development by increasing in size and changing physically; (of a person, animal, or organization) increasing in size or importance
  • 2(of a feeling or emotion) becoming more intense

Using growing: Examples

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  • Example

    The growing season for tomatoes is from May to September.

  • Example

    The growing population of the city has led to increased traffic.

  • Example

    There is growing concern about the effects of climate change.

  • Example

    The company has had a growing presence in the market.

growing Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with growing

  • difficulties experienced in the process of growth or development


    The company is experiencing some growing pains as it expands into new markets.

  • the process of maturing and developing from childhood to adulthood


    Growing up, she always dreamed of becoming a doctor.

  • the process of aging and becoming elderly


    Despite growing old, he remained active and engaged in his community.


Summary: growing in Brief

The term 'growing' [ˈɡrəʊɪŋ] refers to the natural development of plants or the increase in size or importance of a person, animal, or organization. It can also describe the intensification of a feeling or emotion, such as growing concern about climate change. Phrases like 'growing pains' denote difficulties in the process of growth, while 'growing up' and 'growing old' refer to the processes of maturing and aging, respectively.