developing Definition

  • 1growing or changing and becoming more advanced
  • 2relating to countries with economies that are less advanced than those of most Western countries

Using developing: Examples

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    The company is in a developing stage.

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    The city is undergoing a developing process.

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    The developing world faces many challenges.

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    The government is investing in developing infrastructure.

developing Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with developing

  • developing country

    a country with a less advanced economy than those of most Western countries, characterized by lower standards of living, less infrastructure, and limited access to healthcare and education


    Many developing countries face challenges such as poverty, disease, and political instability.

  • an industry that is growing and changing, often due to technological advancements or changes in consumer demand


    The developing industry of renewable energy has the potential to transform the global energy landscape.

  • the process of acquiring new abilities or improving existing ones


    She spent years developing her skills as a musician, practicing for hours every day.


Summary: developing in Brief

The term 'developing' [dɪˈvɛləpɪŋ] refers to growth, change, and advancement. It can describe a company, city, or industry that is in a state of development, as in 'The company is in a developing stage.' 'Developing' also relates to countries with less advanced economies, known as 'developing countries,' which face challenges such as poverty and limited access to healthcare and education.