advantageous Definition

providing an advantage; favorable; profitable.

Using advantageous: Examples

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    The new tax laws are advantageous to small business owners.

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    Learning a second language is advantageous for career advancement.

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    Having a good credit score is advantageous when applying for loans.

advantageous Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with advantageous

  • a situation where one has an upper hand or favorable circumstances


    The company's strong financial position put them in an advantageous position for acquiring new businesses.

  • a transaction that provides benefits or advantages


    The partnership with the new supplier was an advantageous deal for both companies.

  • a result that is beneficial or favorable


    The negotiations resulted in an advantageous outcome for both parties.

Origins of advantageous

from Old French 'avantageus', from avantage (see 'advantage')


Summary: advantageous in Brief

'Advantageous' [ˌædvənˈteɪdʒəs] means providing an advantage, being favorable or profitable. It is often used to describe situations, deals, or outcomes that are beneficial or helpful, such as 'The new tax laws are advantageous to small business owners.' 'Advantageous' is an adjective that is synonymous with 'beneficial' and 'profitable,' and antonymous with 'disadvantageous' and 'unfavorable.'

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