affair Definition

a situation or event that is considered important or interesting, especially one involving people’s feelings or relationships.

Using affair: Examples

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    Their romantic affair lasted for two years.

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    The government's handling of the affair was widely criticized.

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    I have a lot of affairs to take care of today.

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    She is having an affair with her boss.

affair Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using affair

  • have a deep passion or fondness for something.


    She has a love affair with music, spending hours practicing her instruments.

  • a cat and dog affair

    a situation marked by chaotic and contentious interactions, typically used for situations where two or more individuals or groups can't get along


    Whenever they meet, it turns into a cat and dog affair with arguments and conflicts.

  • an all-day affair

    an event or task that takes a very long time to complete


    The wedding preparations turned into an all-day affair, with everyone busy setting up decorations and arrangements.

Phrases with affair

  • a romantic and sexual relationship between two people who are not married to each other


    Their love affair lasted for two years.

  • a bond between two people that mimics or matches the closeness and emotional intimacy of a romantic relationship while not being physically consummated


    Their relationship was more than just a friendship; it was an affair of the heart.

  • a sexual relationship between a married person and another person who is not their husband or wife


    The scandal broke out when news of his extramarital affair became public.

Origins of affair

from Old French 'a faire', meaning 'to do'


Summary: affair in Brief

The term 'affair' [əˈfeər] refers to significant or interesting situations, often with emotional or relational aspects. It spans contexts from daily tasks to romantic engagements, exemplified by 'She is having an affair with her boss.' 'Affair' extends into phrases like 'love affair,' and idioms like 'a love affair with something,' denoting deep passion, and 'an all-day affair,' implying a lengthy task.

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