situation Definition

  • 1a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself; a state of affairs
  • 2the location and surroundings of a place

Using situation: Examples

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    The situation in the Middle East is very complicated.

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    I'm not sure how to handle this situation.

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    The company is in a difficult financial situation.

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    The situation at the border is becoming more tense.

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Idioms Using situation

  • in a tight/difficult/sticky situation

    in a difficult or problematic situation


    After losing my job, I found myself in a tight situation financially.

  • to try to find something positive in a difficult or unpleasant situation


    Although we were stuck in traffic for hours, we tried to make the best of a bad situation by listening to music and chatting.

  • situation normal, all fucked up (SNAFU)

    a sarcastic expression used to describe a situation that is chaotic or disorganized


    The project was supposed to be finished last week, but it's still not done. Situation normal, all fucked up.

Phrases with situation

  • a humorous television or radio series in which the same characters appear in different amusing situations in each episode


    Friends is a popular situation comedy that aired for 10 seasons.

  • an ethical theory that considers the context and circumstances of an act when evaluating its morality


    Situation ethics argues that there are no absolute moral rules, and that each situation should be evaluated on its own merits.

  • a secure conference room used by the US President and their advisors to discuss and respond to national security issues


    The President convened a meeting in the Situation Room to discuss the latest intelligence reports.

Origins of situation

from French 'situation', from Latin 'situs', meaning 'site'


Summary: situation in Brief

The term 'situation' [ˌsɪtʃuˈeɪʃən] refers to a set of circumstances or state of affairs. It can refer to a variety of contexts, from personal to political, such as 'The situation in the Middle East is very complicated.' 'Situation' is also used in phrases like 'situation comedy,' and idioms like 'in a tight situation,' meaning a difficult situation, and 'make the best of a bad situation,' meaning to find something positive in a negative situation.

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