afraid Definition

feeling fear or anxiety; frightened.

Using afraid: Examples

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    I'm afraid of heights.

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    She was afraid to speak in public.

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    He's afraid that he won't pass the test.

afraid Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with afraid

  • to be excessively timid, nervous, or easily frightened


    Ever since the accident, she's been afraid of her own shadow.

  • used to politely say that something is not possible or cannot be done


    A: Can you lend me some money? B: Afraid not, I'm broke too.

  • uncomfortable or unhappy when alone


    She's always surrounded by people because she's afraid of her own company.

Origins of afraid

from Old English 'onfraede', meaning 'fearful'


Summary: afraid in Brief

'Afraid' [əˈfreɪd] is an adjective that describes feeling fear or anxiety. It is often used in phrases like 'be afraid of one's own shadow,' which means to be excessively timid, and 'afraid not,' which is a polite way of saying something is not possible. Synonyms for 'afraid' include 'scared,' 'frightened,' and 'terrified.' Antonyms include 'brave,' 'fearless,' and 'confident.'

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