agitation Definition

  • 1a state of anxiety or nervous excitement
  • 2the action of briskly stirring or disturbing something, especially a liquid

Using agitation: Examples

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  • Example

    The news caused great agitation among the public.

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    He was in a state of agitation before his big presentation.

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    The agitation of the water made it difficult to see the fish.

  • Example

    She stirred the mixture with agitation, trying to get all the ingredients to blend together.

agitation Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for agitation

Phrases with agitation

  • the act of trying to stir up public opinion for or against something, often related to political issues


    The political agitation surrounding the election led to heated debates and protests.

  • mental agitation

    a state of mental disturbance or restlessness


    The constant noise and activity in the city caused him great mental agitation.

  • a vessel used for mixing liquids and keeping them in a state of agitation


    The chemical plant had several large agitation tanks for mixing their products.

Origins of agitation

from Latin 'agitatio', meaning 'a driving, a putting in motion'


Summary: agitation in Brief

'Agitation' [ˌædʒɪˈteɪʃən] refers to a state of anxiety or nervous excitement, as well as the action of briskly stirring or disturbing something. Examples of 'agitation' include being in a state of agitation before a presentation or the agitation of water making it difficult to see fish. Phrases like 'political agitation' and 'mental agitation' refer to stirring up public opinion or a state of mental disturbance, respectively.