nervousness Definition

  • 1the state of being easily agitated or anxious
  • 2the quality of being apprehensive

Using nervousness: Examples

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    She couldn't hide her nervousness during the interview.

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    The nervousness of the team was palpable before the big game.

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    His nervousness made him stutter during the speech.

nervousness Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for nervousness

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Phrases with nervousness

  • a feeling of unease or worry about something


    I have a lot of nervousness about the upcoming exam.

  • a feeling of discomfort or anxiety around a particular person


    Her nervousness around her boss was evident during the meeting.

  • nervousness in social situations

    a feeling of anxiety or discomfort in social settings


    His nervousness in social situations made it difficult for him to make friends.


Summary: nervousness in Brief

'Nervousness' [ˈnɜːvəsnəs] is a state of being easily agitated or anxious, often characterized by feelings of unease or worry. It can be seen in various contexts, such as social situations or public speaking, and is often accompanied by physical symptoms like sweating or stuttering. Synonyms include 'anxiety' and 'edginess,' while informal terms include 'jitters' and 'butterflies in one's stomach.'