aircraft Definition

a vehicle that can fly, such as an airplane, helicopter, or glider.

Using aircraft: Examples

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    The airport has a lot of aircraft taking off and landing every day.

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    The military uses advanced aircraft for their operations.

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    She is studying to become an aircraft mechanic.

aircraft Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with aircraft

  • a small aircraft designed for either personal use or training purposes


    He owns a light aircraft that he uses for weekend trips.

  • an aircraft used for transporting passengers or cargo for commercial purposes


    The airline has a fleet of commercial aircraft that fly to destinations all over the world.

  • an aircraft used by the military for various purposes, such as combat, surveillance, or transport


    The air force uses military aircraft to carry out missions and protect the country.

Origins of aircraft

from air + craft


Summary: aircraft in Brief

'Aircraft' [ˈɛəkrɑːft] refers to any vehicle that can fly, such as airplanes, helicopters, or gliders. It is commonly used in aviation contexts, like 'The airport has a lot of aircraft taking off and landing every day.' 'Aircraft' can be modified by phrases like 'light aircraft,' 'commercial aircraft,' and 'military aircraft,' which denote different types of aircraft used for specific purposes.

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