military Definition

  • 1relating to or characteristic of soldiers or armed forces
  • 2of, relating to, or characteristic of war or soldiers

Using military: Examples

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    He has a military background.

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    The country's military forces are well-trained.

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    Military action was taken against the enemy.

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    The military parade was impressive.

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    The military coup overthrew the government.

military Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for military

Phrases with military

  • a period of time spent in the armed forces as a soldier


    He completed his military service last year.

  • information about the enemy's military plans and activities


    The military intelligence unit provided valuable information to the commanders.

  • military dictatorship

    a government in which the military has control over the country and its citizens


    The country was ruled by a military dictatorship for many years.

Origins of military

from Latin 'militaris', from 'miles' meaning 'soldier'


Summary: military in Brief

The term 'military' [ˈmɪlətəri] refers to anything related to soldiers, armed forces, or war. It can describe a person's background, the quality of training, or actions taken against an enemy. Phrases like 'military service' and 'military intelligence' denote specific aspects of military life. The adjective 'military' is often used formally, while informal terms include 'military guys' and 'soldiers.'

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