alate Definition

  • 1having wings or winglike extensions
  • 2having membranous expansions like wings

Using alate: Examples

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    The alate termites are ready to swarm and start new colonies.

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    The plant's alate leaves help it disperse its seeds more effectively.

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    The insect's alate form allows it to fly and search for food.

alate Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for alate

Phrases with alate

  • the developmental stage of an insect when it develops wings and becomes capable of flight


    The alate stage of the ant's life cycle is when it leaves the nest to mate and start a new colony.

  • a type of aphid that has wings and can fly to new host plants


    The alate aphids are responsible for spreading the infestation to other parts of the garden.

  • a type of fungal spore that has wings or other structures that aid in dispersal


    The alate spores of this fungus can travel long distances and infect new hosts.

Origins of alate

from Latin 'alatus', meaning 'winged'


Summary: alate in Brief

'Alate' [ey-leyt] is an adjective used to describe something that has wings or winglike extensions. It is commonly used in biology to describe insects, plants, and fungi that have developed wings or other structures that aid in dispersal. Examples include the alate stage of an insect's life cycle, alate aphids that spread infestations, and alate spores that infect new hosts.