winged Definition

  • 1having wings or winglike extensions
  • 2moving or flying swiftly

Using winged: Examples

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    The winged creature flew away quickly.

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    The airplane is a winged machine.

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    The butterfly's wings are beautifully winged.

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    The bird was winged and graceful.

winged Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for winged

Phrases with winged

  • a representation of the Greek goddess Nike, often depicted as a woman with wings, symbolizing triumph and victory


    The Winged Victory of Samothrace is a famous Hellenistic sculpture.

  • a makeup style where eyeliner is drawn to create a wing shape at the outer corner of the eye


    She loves to wear winged eyeliner for a dramatic look.

  • a mythical horse with wings, such as Pegasus from Greek mythology


    Pegasus is a famous winged horse from Greek mythology.


Summary: winged in Brief

The term 'winged' [wɪŋd] describes something that has wings or winglike extensions, or moves or flies swiftly. It can refer to creatures like birds and butterflies, machines like airplanes, or even makeup styles like winged eyeliner. 'Winged' also appears in phrases like 'winged victory' and 'winged horse,' which are related to mythology and art.

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