allowable Definition

permitted or acceptable.

Using allowable: Examples

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    The maximum allowable speed on this road is 60 miles per hour.

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    Only allowable expenses will be reimbursed.

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    The company has set an allowable limit for overtime hours.

allowable Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with allowable

  • allowable deductions

    expenses that can be subtracted from one's income to reduce the amount of tax owed


    Donations to charity are often allowable deductions on tax returns.

  • the maximum amount of stress that a material can withstand without breaking or deforming


    Engineers must calculate the allowable stress of a bridge before it can be built.

  • allowable load

    the maximum weight that a structure or machine can support without collapsing or malfunctioning


    The crane operator must ensure that the load being lifted is within the allowable limit.

Origins of allowable

from Old French 'alouer', meaning 'to approve'


Summary: allowable in Brief

'Allowable' [uh-lou-uh-buhl] means something that is permitted or acceptable. It is often used in the context of limits or restrictions, such as the maximum allowable speed on a road or the allowable expenses for reimbursement. Phrases like 'allowable deductions' and 'allowable stress' refer to specific technical concepts. 'Allowable' is a formal term that can be replaced with synonyms like 'permissible' or 'acceptable'.