permissible Definition

allowed or permitted; allowable.

Using permissible: Examples

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    Smoking is not permissible in this area.

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    The use of cellphones is permissible during the break.

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    Only permissible items are allowed inside the premises.

permissible Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with permissible

  • allowed by law


    The company's actions were found to be legally permissible.

  • allowed by moral principles


    Some people believe that euthanasia is morally permissible.

  • allowed by social norms and expectations


    In some cultures, it is not socially permissible for women to wear revealing clothing.

Origins of permissible

from Old French 'permissable', from Latin 'permissus', past participle of 'permittere', meaning 'allow'


Summary: permissible in Brief

'Permissible' [pərˈmɪsəbl] means allowed or permitted. It is often used in legal, moral, and social contexts, such as 'legally permissible,' 'morally permissible,' and 'socially permissible.' Examples include 'Smoking is not permissible in this area.' and 'Only permissible items are allowed inside the premises.' Synonyms include 'allowable' and 'acceptable.'