amplify Definition

  • 1to make something louder or stronger, especially sound
  • 2to increase the size or effect of something

Using amplify: Examples

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  • Example

    The microphone amplified her voice so everyone could hear her.

  • Example

    The new evidence amplifies the case against him.

  • Example

    The company plans to amplify its marketing efforts to reach a wider audience.

amplify Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with amplify

  • to provide more information or details about something that has already been said


    Can you amplify on that point, please?

  • to spread one's message to a larger audience


    The politician used social media to amplify her message.

  • amplify the effects

    to increase the impact or influence of something


    The new policy is expected to amplify the effects of climate change.

Origins of amplify

from Old French 'amplifier', from Latin 'amplificare', from 'amplus' (large) + 'facere' (make)


Summary: amplify in Brief

'Amplify' [ˈæmplɪfaɪ] means to make something louder or stronger, especially sound, or to increase the size or effect of something. It can be used in various contexts, such as amplifying a voice with a microphone or amplifying the effects of a policy. Phrases like 'amplify on' and 'amplify one's message' use 'amplify' to denote providing more information or spreading a message to a larger audience, respectively.

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