magnify Definition

  • 1to make something appear larger than it is, especially by using a lens or microscope
  • 2to make something seem more important or serious than it is

Using magnify: Examples

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    The microscope magnifies the image of the specimen.

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    The media tends to magnify small issues into big controversies.

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    She always magnifies her own achievements and downplays those of others.

magnify Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with magnify

  • to exaggerate one's own significance or role in a situation


    He tends to magnify his importance in the company, even though he's just a junior employee.

  • to make a problem seem bigger or more serious than it actually is


    The media's coverage of the issue has magnified the problem and caused unnecessary panic among the public.

  • to increase the effect or influence of something


    The new policy is expected to magnify the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities.

Origins of magnify

from Latin 'magnificare', meaning 'to magnify'


Summary: magnify in Brief

To 'magnify' [ˈmæɡ.nə.faɪ] means to make something appear larger, more important, or more serious than it is. This can be done literally, as with a microscope, or figuratively, as with media coverage of an issue. Examples include 'The microscope magnifies the image of the specimen.' and 'She always magnifies her own achievements.'