minimize Definition

  • 1reduce (something, especially something unwanted or unpleasant) to the smallest possible amount or degree
  • 2represent or estimate (something) at less than its true value

Using minimize: Examples

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    We need to minimize the risk of accidents in the workplace.

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    The company is trying to minimize costs by cutting jobs.

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    She tried to minimize her involvement in the scandal.

minimize Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for minimize

Phrases with minimize

  • to reduce the negative impact of a situation


    He quickly apologized to try and minimize the damage to his reputation.

  • to reduce the likelihood of something bad happening


    The doctor recommended that she minimize the risk of heart disease by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

  • to reduce the effect or influence of something


    The government is taking steps to minimize the impact of the new tax law on low-income families.

Origins of minimize

from Latin 'minimus', meaning 'smallest'


Summary: minimize in Brief

To 'minimize' [ˈmɪnɪmaɪz] means to reduce something, especially something unwanted or unpleasant, to the smallest possible amount or degree. It can also mean to represent or estimate something at less than its true value. Examples include minimizing the risk of accidents in the workplace, minimizing costs by cutting jobs, and minimizing involvement in a scandal. Phrases like 'minimize the damage,' 'minimize the risk,' and 'minimize the impact' all refer to reducing negative effects.

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