augment Definition

  • 1make (something) greater by adding to it; increase.
  • 2supplement or add to something in order to make it larger, stronger, or more effective.

Using augment: Examples

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  • Example

    He augmented his summer income by painting houses.

  • Example

    The money was used to augment the library's collection.

  • Example

    She's been trying to augment her vocabulary.

  • Example

    The company is looking to augment its product line with new features.

  • Example

    The new software will augment the capabilities of the existing system.

augment Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with augment

  • add something to something else in order to improve or complete it


    The chef augmented the dish with a sprinkle of fresh herbs.

  • augment someone's income

    increase the amount of money someone earns


    She took on a second job to augment her income.

  • increase the value or effectiveness of something by doing something


    The team augmented their chances of winning by practicing every day.

Origins of augment

from Old French 'augmenter', from Late Latin 'augmentare', from Latin 'augmentum', meaning 'an increase'


Summary: augment in Brief

To 'augment' [ɔːɡˈment] is to make something greater by adding to it. It can refer to increasing the size, strength, or effectiveness of something. Examples include 'He augmented his summer income by painting houses,' and 'The company is looking to augment its product line with new features.' 'Augment' can be used in phrases like 'augment something with something,' 'augment someone's income,' and 'augment something by doing something.'