apart Definition

  • 1separated by a distance or interval
  • 2not joined or touching physically
  • 3into pieces or parts

Using apart: Examples

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  • Example

    The two houses are 100 meters apart.

  • Example

    She took the toy apart to see how it worked.

  • Example

    The country is falling apart due to political unrest.

  • Example

    We have grown apart over the years.

  • Example

    The curtains were hanging apart from the wall.

apart Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with apart

  • except for; besides


    Apart from the weather, everything was perfect.

  • break down; disintegrate


    The old car is falling apart.

  • criticize severely; destroy


    The movie was torn apart by the critics.

Origins of apart

from Old French 'à part', meaning 'to one side'


Summary: apart in Brief

The word 'apart' [əˈpɑːt] refers to something that is separated by a distance or interval, not joined or touching physically, or into pieces or parts. It can be used to describe physical distance, emotional distance, or disintegration. Phrases like 'apart from' and 'fall apart' use 'apart' to denote exceptions or disintegration, respectively.

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