attached Definition

  • 1fastened or joined to something else, typically by a sticky substance, a rope, or a clip
  • 2emotionally connected to someone or something

Using attached: Examples

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  • Example

    The photo was attached to the email.

  • Example

    The house has an attached garage.

  • Example

    I feel very attached to my hometown.

  • Example

    She is emotionally attached to her pet dog.

  • Example

    The report is attached to this memo.

attached Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for attached

Phrases with attached

  • become emotionally connected to someone or something


    I try not to get too attached to my coworkers because I know I might have to leave this job someday.

  • very close friends who spend a lot of time together


    Ever since they met in college, they've been attached at the hip.

  • having a strong belief or opinion about something


    He's really attached to the idea of moving to a big city, even though it might not be practical for him right now.

Origins of attached

from Old French 'atachier', meaning 'to fasten'


Summary: attached in Brief

The term 'attached' [əˈtætʃt] refers to something that is fastened or joined to something else, or emotionally connected to someone or something. It can describe physical connections like a photo attached to an email or an attached garage, as well as emotional connections like feeling attached to one's hometown or pet. Phrases like 'get attached' and 'attached at the hip' use 'attached' to denote emotional closeness, while 'attached to the idea' implies a strong belief or opinion.