appearing Definition

  • 1coming into sight; becoming visible or noticeable
  • 2giving a certain impression; seeming

Using appearing: Examples

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  • Example

    The sun was appearing over the horizon.

  • Example

    She appeared at the door, looking tired.

  • Example

    His nervousness was appearing in his voice.

  • Example

    The company is appearing to be profitable this quarter.

  • Example

    The situation is appearing to be more complicated than we thought.

appearing Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for appearing

Phrases with appearing

  • to suddenly and unexpectedly appear


    The magician made the rabbit appear out of thin air.

  • appear in court

    to attend a court hearing as a defendant, plaintiff, or witness


    He was summoned to appear in court as a witness.

  • to arrive at a place or become involved in a situation


    The police appeared on the scene within minutes of the accident.

Origins of appearing

from Old French 'aparoir', from Latin 'apparere', meaning 'to appear'


Summary: appearing in Brief

'Appearing' [əˈpɪərɪŋ] is a verb that means coming into sight or giving a certain impression. It can be used to describe physical objects or abstract concepts, as in 'The sun was appearing over the horizon' or 'The company is appearing to be profitable this quarter.' Phrases like 'appear out of thin air' and 'appear in court' use 'appear' to denote suddenness or legal proceedings, respectively.