appoint Definition

  • 1assign a job or role to (someone)
  • 2decide on the details of (a time, meeting, or event)

Using appoint: Examples

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  • Example

    The company appointed her as the new CEO.

  • Example

    I need to appoint someone to take care of the project while I'm away.

  • Example

    Let's appoint a time to meet next week.

  • Example

    The committee was appointed to investigate the matter.

appoint Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for appoint

Phrases with appoint

  • a specific time that has been agreed upon for a meeting or event


    Please arrive at the appointed time.

  • self-appointed

    having assumed a position or role without being elected or appointed by others


    He declared himself the self-appointed leader of the group.

  • to assign someone to a particular job or role


    She was appointed to the position of director last year.

Origins of appoint

from Old French 'apointer', meaning 'to put in a point'


Summary: appoint in Brief

To 'appoint' [əˈpɔɪnt] is to assign a job or role to someone or decide on the details of a time, meeting, or event. It is often used in professional settings, such as when a company appoints a new CEO or a committee is appointed to investigate a matter. 'Appoint' can also be used in everyday situations, such as when deciding on a time to meet with friends.

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