appreciative Definition

feeling or showing gratitude or pleasure.

Using appreciative: Examples

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    She was appreciative of the help she received.

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    He gave an appreciative nod to the chef.

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    The audience was very appreciative of the performance.

appreciative Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for appreciative

Phrases with appreciative

  • an audience that is responsive and enthusiastic about a performance or event


    The comedian was thrilled to perform for such an appreciative audience.

  • a smile that shows gratitude or pleasure


    She gave him an appreciative smile to thank him for his help.

  • an approach to organizational development that focuses on identifying and building on an organization's strengths, rather than fixing its weaknesses


    The company used appreciative inquiry to improve employee morale and productivity.

Origins of appreciative

from Late Latin 'appretiatus', meaning 'to set a price'


Summary: appreciative in Brief

The term 'appreciative' [əˈpriːʃətɪv] refers to feeling or showing gratitude or pleasure. It is often used to describe a person's response to something they find enjoyable or helpful, as in 'She was appreciative of the help she received.' 'Appreciative' extends into phrases like 'appreciative audience,' and 'appreciative smile,' denoting a positive response to a performance or event.