inquiry Definition

  • 1an act of asking for information
  • 2an official investigation

Using inquiry: Examples

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  • Example

    The police made inquiries about the suspect's whereabouts.

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    The committee launched an inquiry into the company's financial practices.

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    I sent an inquiry to the customer service department.

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    The teacher encouraged students to make inquiries about the topic.

inquiry Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for inquiry

Idioms Using inquiry

  • no inquiry made

    used to indicate that no investigation or questioning has been done


    He claimed that no inquiry was made into his complaint.

  • beyond inquiry

    something that is unquestionable or indisputable


    The evidence was beyond inquiry and proved the defendant's guilt.

  • to ask for information from someone or something inside a particular organization or group


    If you're interested in the job, please inquire within the company.

Phrases with inquiry

  • make inquiries

    to ask questions in order to gather information


    I made inquiries about the job opening.

  • inquiry-based learning

    a teaching method that focuses on asking questions and seeking answers


    The school adopted inquiry-based learning to encourage critical thinking skills.

  • an official investigation conducted by a judge or court


    The government ordered a judicial inquiry into the incident.

Origins of inquiry

from Latin 'inquirere', meaning 'to seek for'


Summary: inquiry in Brief

The term 'inquiry' [ɪnˈkwaɪəri] refers to the act of asking for information or an official investigation. It can be used in various contexts, such as police inquiries, committee investigations, or student questioning. Phrases like 'make inquiries' and 'inquiry-based learning' highlight the importance of asking questions to gather information. Idioms like 'no inquiry made' and 'beyond inquiry' emphasize the absence or presence of investigation, while 'inquire within' suggests seeking information from a specific source.

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