approach Definition

  • 1a way of dealing with something or someone
  • 2the act of coming near to or nearer to someone or something in distance or time

Using approach: Examples

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    The company is taking a new approach to marketing.

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    We need to find a different approach to solving this problem.

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    The plane was making its final approach to the runway.

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    The approach of winter means it's time to start preparing for the cold weather.

approach Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for approach

Phrases with approach

  • hands-on approach

    a practical and active way of doing something, rather than just talking about it


    The teacher takes a hands-on approach to teaching science, with lots of experiments and activities.

  • softly-softly approach

    a cautious and gentle way of dealing with a situation or person, often to avoid causing offense or making things worse


    The manager took a softly-softly approach with the new employee, giving them time to adjust to the job.

  • a methodical and evidence-based way of investigating or solving a problem


    The researchers used a scientific approach to study the effects of the new drug.

Origins of approach

from Old French 'aprochier', meaning 'to come closer'


Summary: approach in Brief

The term 'approach' [əˈprəʊtʃ] refers to a way of dealing with something or someone, or the act of coming nearer to someone or something. It can be used in contexts ranging from marketing strategies to the arrival of seasons. Phrases like 'hands-on approach' and 'softly-softly approach' denote specific ways of dealing with situations or people. 'Approach' can also be used in the sense of a scientific or methodical way of investigating or solving a problem.

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