appropriateness Definition

the quality of being suitable or fitting for a particular purpose, situation, or person.

Using appropriateness: Examples

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    The appropriateness of the dress code for the event was questioned.

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    The teacher assessed the appropriateness of the reading material for the students.

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    The company's decision to use humor in their advertisement was met with mixed opinions on its appropriateness.

appropriateness Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with appropriateness

  • an intuitive understanding of what is suitable or fitting in a given situation


    She has a strong sense of appropriateness and always knows how to act in different social settings.

  • doubtful suitability or fitness for a particular purpose or situation


    The use of profanity in the movie raised questions about its questionable appropriateness for younger audiences.

  • the degree to which an action or behavior is considered acceptable or respectful within a particular culture


    The company had to consider the cultural appropriateness of their product before launching it in a foreign market.


Summary: appropriateness in Brief

Appropriateness [əˈprəʊpriətnəs] refers to the quality of being suitable or fitting for a particular purpose, situation, or person. It is often evaluated in contexts like dress codes, reading materials, and advertisements. Phrases like 'sense of appropriateness' and 'questionable appropriateness' denote intuitive understanding and doubtful suitability, respectively. 'Cultural appropriateness' refers to the degree of acceptability or respectfulness within a particular culture.