ascend Definition

  • 1to move upward, to rise
  • 2to go up or climb something

Using ascend: Examples

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  • Example

    The hikers began to ascend the mountain.

  • Example

    The hot air balloon slowly ascended into the sky.

  • Example

    She watched the bird ascend higher and higher.

  • Example

    He ascended to the throne after his father's death.

ascend Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for ascend

Antonyms for ascend

Phrases with ascend

  • to gain a position of authority or control


    He ascended to power after a long political campaign.

  • to move up through the levels of an organization or hierarchy


    She worked hard to ascend the ranks in her company.

  • to become king or queen


    The prince will ascend the throne when his father dies.

Origins of ascend

from Latin 'ascendere', from 'ad-' meaning 'to' + 'scandere' meaning 'to climb'


Summary: ascend in Brief

To 'ascend' [əˈsend] is to move upward or climb something. It can refer to physical movement, like climbing a mountain or rising in a hot air balloon, or metaphorical movement, like ascending to power or ascending the ranks in an organization. Synonyms include 'climb,' 'rise,' 'mount,' and 'scale.' Antonyms include 'descend,' 'fall,' 'drop,' and 'go down.'