authorization Definition

  • 1the act of giving someone official permission to do something
  • 2the process of verifying that someone has the right to access certain information or perform certain actions

Using authorization: Examples

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    The bank requires authorization from the account holder before releasing any funds.

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    The system prompts for authorization before granting access to sensitive data.

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    The company's security policy requires authorization for all visitors entering the building.

authorization Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for authorization

Phrases with authorization

  • a unique code used to verify a user's identity and grant access to a system or service


    The user entered the authorization code to gain access to their account.

  • a document that grants permission to another person to act on one's behalf


    She wrote an authorization letter allowing her friend to pick up her package from the post office.

  • a document that requests permission to perform a specific action or access certain information


    He filled out the authorization form to request access to the secure server.

Origins of authorization

from authorize + -ation, from Old French 'autoriser'


Summary: authorization in Brief

'Authorization' [ˌɔːθəraɪˈzeɪʃən] refers to the act of giving official permission or verifying someone's right to access certain information or perform certain actions. Examples include bank transactions, system access, and building entry. Phrases like 'authorization code,' 'authorization letter,' and 'authorization form' denote specific types of permission-granting documents.