form Definition

  • 1a type or variety of something
  • 2the visible shape or configuration of something
  • 3a document with blank spaces to be filled in with required information

Using form: Examples

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  • Example

    The school offers a variety of forms for students to fill out.

  • Example

    The clouds took on the form of a dragon.

  • Example

    Please fill out this form with your personal information.

  • Example

    The team is in good form this season.

  • Example

    The new employee is still learning the company's procedures and forms.

form Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using form

  • get into shape/form

    to become fit or healthy


    She started going to the gym to get into shape for her upcoming marathon.

  • to begin to exist or develop


    The idea for the new product began to take form during a brainstorming session.

  • appropriate behavior or manners


    It is important to exhibit good form when attending a formal event.

Phrases with form

  • having the appearance or shape of something


    The cake was decorated in the form of a castle.

  • to become or develop into something


    The argument took the form of a heated debate.

  • a term used to address someone, such as 'Mr.' or 'Mrs.'


    In a formal letter, it is important to use the correct form of address.

Origins of form

from Old English 'formian', meaning 'to form, shape'


Summary: form in Brief

The word 'form' [fɔːm] refers to a type or variety of something, the visible shape or configuration of something, or a document with blank spaces to be filled in with required information. It can also refer to the physical fitness of a person or the development of an idea. Common phrases include 'in the form of,' 'take the form of,' and 'form of address.'

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