autonomous Definition

  • 1having the freedom to govern oneself or control one's own affairs
  • 2acting independently or having the freedom to do so

Using autonomous: Examples

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    The region has been granted autonomous status within the country.

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    The car has an autonomous driving mode.

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    The company operates as an autonomous unit within the larger corporation.

autonomous Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for autonomous

  • independent
  • self-governing
  • self-ruling
  • self-determining
  • self-sufficient

Antonyms for autonomous

Phrases with autonomous

  • a region with a high degree of self-government within a larger political or administrative entity


    Tibet is an autonomous region of China.

  • a vehicle that can operate without human intervention, typically using sensors and software to navigate and make decisions


    The company is testing autonomous vehicles on public roads.

  • an organization that operates independently of external control or influence


    The foundation is an autonomous organization that funds research in various fields.

Origins of autonomous

from Greek 'autonomos', meaning 'having its own laws'


Summary: autonomous in Brief

'Autonomous' [ɔːˈtɒnəməs] describes something that has the freedom to govern itself or act independently. It can refer to regions, organizations, or vehicles, among other things. Examples include 'The region has been granted autonomous status within the country,' and 'The car has an autonomous driving mode.' Synonyms for 'autonomous' include 'self-governing' and 'self-ruling.'

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