dependent Definition

  • 1needing someone or something in order to survive or be successful
  • 2a person who relies on another, especially a family member, for financial support

Using dependent: Examples

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    The baby is dependent on its mother for food and care.

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    He is financially dependent on his parents.

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    The company's success is dependent on the economy.

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    She has been dependent on drugs for years.

dependent Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for dependent

Phrases with dependent

  • a group of words that contains a subject and a verb but does not express a complete thought and cannot stand alone as a sentence


    Although he was tired, he couldn't sleep. (The clause 'Although he was tired' is a dependent clause.)

  • a variable in an experiment that is being measured and is affected by changes in the independent variable


    In an experiment to test the effects of fertilizer on plant growth, the height of the plant is the dependent variable.

  • a mental health disorder characterized by a pervasive psychological dependence on other people


    People with dependent personality disorder have difficulty making decisions without reassurance from others.

Origins of dependent

from Latin 'dependere', meaning 'to hang from'


Summary: dependent in Brief

The term 'dependent' [dɪˈpendənt] describes a person or thing that needs someone or something else to survive or succeed. It can refer to financial support, as in 'He is financially dependent on his parents,' or to reliance on substances, as in 'She has been dependent on drugs for years.' 'Dependent' also has technical uses, such as in grammar, where it refers to a clause that cannot stand alone, and in science, where it refers to a variable that is affected by another.

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