avow Definition

to declare or admit openly and publicly.

Using avow: Examples

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    He avowed his love for her.

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    She avowed that she was innocent.

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    The politician avowed his support for the new policy.

avow Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with avow

  • to declare one's true identity or beliefs


    After years of hiding, he finally avowed himself as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • an open declaration of one's love for another person


    His avowal of love took her by surprise.

  • an open admission of one's guilt in a crime or wrongdoing


    The suspect's avowal of guilt led to his arrest.

Origins of avow

from Old French 'avouer', from Latin 'advocare', meaning 'to call to one's aid'


Summary: avow in Brief

To 'avow' [əˈvaʊ] is to openly and publicly declare or admit something, often one's true identity or beliefs. It can also refer to an open declaration of love or guilt. Synonyms include 'acknowledge', 'confess', and 'declare', while antonyms include 'deny', 'disavow', and 'repudiate'.